Mlis CALCIUM Liquid Gel Caps

Mlis CALCIUM Liquid Gel Caps

Mlis Calcium strengthen bones, eliminates muscle cramps, spasms and twitches in an easy to swallow soluble liquid gel cap.  1-337-475-2547

Quantity: 100 capsules (500 mg)

  • Price: $25.00

RELIEF Muscle & Joint Aid

Relief by Mlis

Natural herbs that may help rebuild and strengthen body tissue, may increase joint lubrication, and may reduce inflammation around the joints..   200 capsules (Click picture for Full Description/ Disclaimer)  

  • Price: $40.00

M'Lis SOOTHE Anti-Inflammatory Gel


M'Lis SOOTHE calms muscle and nerve painswelling, inflammation, aches and soreness of muscles and joints.  2 OZ    Click picture for Full Description. 

  • Price: $17.00

HEAT Exercise Gel, 9.25 oz + Mlis

HEAT Exercise Gel, 9.25 oz + Mlis

M'lis HEAT, applied before exercise, improves pre-exercise stretching and encourages mobility and circulation throughout a workout. Click picture for more information.


  • Price: $36.00