Weight Loss Kit - M'LIS

Weight Loss Kit - M'LIS
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Includes: 1 M'lis Detoxification Kit, M'Lis Sipper Bottle, 1 M'lis Slender Aid, 1 M'lis Daily, 1 M'lis Vanilla Instant Meal, Weight Loss Calendar with daily instructions. M'lis Detoxification/Weight Loss booklet

The M'lis Weight Loss plan is quite simple to follow. Two meals a day are replaced with a COMPLETE Nutritional Shake, providing a broad spectrumof nutritional support to keep your energy level up and your caloric intake down. A third regular meal, selected for its low calorie content, is eaten daily. This one meal can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, but should be eaten before 6:00 p.m. And, as with any successful health program, exercise is encouraged.
This program is based on the fact that to lose weight, you must consume less food and consequently fewer calories. By replacing two of your usual high calorie, low nutrition meals with COMPLETE (which is low in calories, yet high in nutrition), you can eat one well-balanced meal daily and still lose weight. An herbal appetite suppressant stabilizes blood sugar levels to keep you from feeling hungry, without the dangers of chemicals or addictive drugs. The program will provide a completely safe weight loss that does not create imbalances or cause ketosis. It utilizes sound nutrition and natural products that work together to dissipate fat and correct weight-related problems. Fat is not the enemy (as there are some essential fats), and carbohydrates are not the enemy (as they provide fuel for every function of the body). The key is to eat a diet based on balance, following sound nutritional advice. This will allow you to take responsibility for your own health and enjoy an improved quality of life and health for many years to come.

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